Objects Behaviour - Processing 01

Code driven motion graphics, using Processing (software) to generate three dimensional objects to move, rotate and act within a virtual space.

Sound track by Henry Greenleaf
Melting Poles and Rising Seas.
September 2018

An investigation into pixel sorting, generative art and data bending. Representing the impact of climate change on The Earth. Magnifying weather conditions, melting glaciers, icebergs and poles, ocean dead zones and rising sea levels. A result of excessive human activity.

Soundtrack "Catching fire slowly" - Cabasa
For Pharus. Featuring on their homepage: http://pharusdesign.com
Rio Cello 24°
Motion Graphics (right) and Process Video (left)

Process video for Rio Cello 24°, a classical music festival held annually in Rio de Janeiro.

Motion design based off of tracked footage of the cellist Yaniel Mattos and visual identity in collaboration with Estefan Richter for Pharus Design.
Concept Poster for Rio Cello 24°

Alternative concept using motion tracking of cellist Daniel Mattos, for classical music festival Rio Cello 24°.
BrMalls Motion Design

Motion graphics, animating the BrMalls visual identity system, part of a project with Pharus Design.
Analogue TV Oscilloscope / Circuit Bending

Hacked analogue television displaying varyable visualisations of  signals/waves. Later adapted as a sound reactive instrument for audio input/music.
In collaboration with Brian Moreau
White Spots, Hallucinations and Glitch Experiments

Yayoi Kusama inspired super 8mm film, showing the natural malfunctions and relationship between the analogue and digital.
With special thanks to Sonya Zh and Cassandra Acellam
Music by Henry Greenleaf
Mass Production, Music Video for TSVI Music video in collaboration with Matteo Zamagni.

All video content has been ripped from the the web and distorted in both a digital and analogue manner. The destruction of the footage in the video is a reflection on how information, data and mass production are overwhelming and infecting our systems. Motion, data moshing and Iframe destruction techniques, hacked analogue hardware and video feedback is used to visually represent the progressive structure of the track, presenting a dynamic, integrated audio/visual immersion into mass production.
Kulla, Music Video for Henry Greenleaf

Subtle visuals for music producer Henry Greenleaf following the lines of his graphic identity.
Audio/Visual Experiments

Investigation into the relationship between sound effects and instances in footage.
Preliminary work for ‘Aniridia’ installation project (2012). Beads in petri-dishes representational of cells and their contents.
Final Scene / In Original Colour

Final scene from "White Spots, Hallucinations and Glitch Experiments" video in original frame by frame glitch colours.
Small clips of frame by frame glitch edited together to form a short sequence.
In Search Of Gargoyles
Personal Investigation Of London

Experimental art piece on the gargoyles and grotesques of London.

Music by Henry Greenleaf
Fyodor Golan SS15 LFW Show - KIN

Video editing for Kin following project involving live video feed for Foyder Golan - London Fashion Week show 2015.