'Aniridia' May 2012.

White UV light reflective sculptural installation, referring to the relationship between light and the eye.

Autobiographical exploration of patterns seen with the eye condition 'Aniridia' (literally meaning 'no iris') via specifically angled glare.
The structure, of 1m x 1m x 2m, holds three layers of the irregular, unrepetitive, vascular pattern which forms a complex web design when viewed from the front.
Constructed from long tubular and spherical (UV reflective) paper covered beads, the layers / pattern formation is a documentation of anomalies seen within the eye.
Similar to cameras when light catches or enters the lens, the glare is echoed, caught like a prism and creates almost psychedelic aesthetics within the field of vision or shadows of vascular structures which are made apparent when light enters the eye at a particular angle of refraction